Darth Gorgos

Dark Lord of the Sith


Darth Gorgos has been trained to be a Sith from birth. He was discovered by his master, Darth Vectivus, on the core world of Alderan. However, Darth Gorgos has no knowledge of his home planet or family, nor does he care. Darth Gorgos grew to quickly despise his master, whom he viewed as complacent, weak, and not worthy of the title Dark Lord of the Sith. He greatly admired the Dark Lords Bane, Zannah, and Cognus and saw them as the embodiment of the Sith and everything he wanted to be. He worked tirelessly to acquire all of his master’s knowledge so that he could eventually destroy him. At the age of 17, Darth Gorgos decided that his master had taught him everything he knew so it was time to seize the mantle of Dark Lord of the Sith from his master.

Darth Gorgos decided it wouldn’t be enough to simply kill his master, he wanted to utterly destroy him. He convinced his master to go into business with the Hutts where he invested in some highly illegal and risky business endeavors. Darth Gorgos ensured that those investments would fail his master but would profit Darth Gorgos considerably. Eventually, his master lost everything to the Hutts. However, Darth Gorgos has already made secret arrangements with the Hutts where they would get all of the credits his master had acquired (over $10,000,000) and Gorgos would get to keep his master’s property, industrial facilities, and equipment.

With his master thoroughly beaten and impoverished, Darth Gorgos made his attack. He told his master how he had personally runied him because he was weak and unworthy of the Sith mantle of power. Enraged, Darth Vectivus attacked his apprentice, but it was no use. Darth Gorgos had grown much more powerful than Vectivus, having studied the ways of his forefathers. Darth Gorgos used the force to crush his master into a circular ball about 2 inches across and threw it down the exhaust port of the main reactor in his master’s mansion. This caused a massive explosion which destroyed the mansion; wiping away every trace of Darth Vectivus. From that day forward, Darth Gorgos, rightful Dark Lord of the Sith, would never utter the name of his former master again.

Darth Gorgos

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