Subtle, evil machinations

Session 1: Part: 2

Egna's Curse, OJ and the Shadowy Figure

Players Present


This campaign picks up immediately after Session 1: Part 1 ends.


Upon arrival at the R.S. Analyst, Gorgos, Keta and Xander find that it has been forcefully breached by a pirate ship. They dock with the Analyst’s cargo doors and enter. Gorgos senses a single Sith artifact onboard. Inside they find a Jedi and a Republic soldier fighting three pirates. During the battle (in which they kill everyone without hardly a scratch) Xander becomes aware of a fourth ship currently blasting Gorgos’ ship with Ion weapons.

After the battle and returning to Gorgos’ ship, the team finds that the fourth ship has breached the hull and a Jedi who announces himself as “Dirk Gently, Museum Security” waiting in the cargo hold. Keta charges, Gorgos lights him up, Xander takes shots from the corner, and Dirk is shortly dead.

After the second battle, Gorgos examines the artifact found on the Analyst and discovers a ancient Sith chant, “Egna’s Curse”

“Once per encounter, the bearer of this document can take a full-round action to recite the Chant of Egna. After that turn, the first time the chanter attacks, he will automatically critically strike his target. In addition, roll a D20 when you attack and note the number on the die. If it is not 1 or 20, then record that number. The next time you make an attack roll during this encounter and the die is the same as the number you recorded, you critically fail.”

[Matt W. departs at this time]

Upon examination, Xander finds that Gorgos’ ship is completely disabled, and the only space-worthy craft is Dirk’s ship. The team boards Dirk’s ship and returns home, after destroying the other crippled spaceships with turbo lasers.

On the way home, they find a strange jar of orange/gold liquid aboard Dirk’s ship.

They sell Dirk’s ship and purchase a new, upgraded ship. The liquid is identified by a chemist as a Sith neurotoxin that causes memory loss. Gorgos tested 30cc on the chemist who immediately forgot what he was doing and who Gorgos was.

Meanwhile, Xander sensed a strong dark side presence in a bar and notified Gorgos. Upon investigation, Gorgos finds a Shadowy Figure who is stronger in the dark side than even Gorgos.



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