Subtle, evil machinations

Session 1: Part: 2
Egna's Curse, OJ and the Shadowy Figure

Players Present


This campaign picks up immediately after Session 1: Part 1 ends.


Upon arrival at the R.S. Analyst, Gorgos, Keta and Xander find that it has been forcefully breached by a pirate ship. They dock with the Analyst’s cargo doors and enter. Gorgos senses a single Sith artifact onboard. Inside they find a Jedi and a Republic soldier fighting three pirates. During the battle (in which they kill everyone without hardly a scratch) Xander becomes aware of a fourth ship currently blasting Gorgos’ ship with Ion weapons.

After the battle and returning to Gorgos’ ship, the team finds that the fourth ship has breached the hull and a Jedi who announces himself as “Dirk Gently, Museum Security” waiting in the cargo hold. Keta charges, Gorgos lights him up, Xander takes shots from the corner, and Dirk is shortly dead.

After the second battle, Gorgos examines the artifact found on the Analyst and discovers a ancient Sith chant, “Egna’s Curse”

“Once per encounter, the bearer of this document can take a full-round action to recite the Chant of Egna. After that turn, the first time the chanter attacks, he will automatically critically strike his target. In addition, roll a D20 when you attack and note the number on the die. If it is not 1 or 20, then record that number. The next time you make an attack roll during this encounter and the die is the same as the number you recorded, you critically fail.”

[Matt W. departs at this time]

Upon examination, Xander finds that Gorgos’ ship is completely disabled, and the only space-worthy craft is Dirk’s ship. The team boards Dirk’s ship and returns home, after destroying the other crippled spaceships with turbo lasers.

On the way home, they find a strange jar of orange/gold liquid aboard Dirk’s ship.

They sell Dirk’s ship and purchase a new, upgraded ship. The liquid is identified by a chemist as a Sith neurotoxin that causes memory loss. Gorgos tested 30cc on the chemist who immediately forgot what he was doing and who Gorgos was.

Meanwhile, Xander sensed a strong dark side presence in a bar and notified Gorgos. Upon investigation, Gorgos finds a Shadowy Figure who is stronger in the dark side than even Gorgos.

Session 1: Part 1
Mining Operation and Holocron Heist

Players Present


  • All players have already met and joined forces. Keta and Xander met prior to encountering the two Sith, and were hired by Gorgos as muscle and brains respectively.
  • Gorgos also employs a pilot and a navigator by the names Joel and Ralnar, respectively.
  • Darth Erasus is currently off-world dealing with a burgeoning false Sith cult.
  • Xander is also currently occupied. [DOING WHAT?]
  • The party is based off the world of Maridum (P7) where Gorgos’ sprawling mansion is located.
  • Gorgos has many assets across several worlds consisting mostly of land, businesses and other non-liquid holdings.
  • Gorgos has available about 25,000 credits in cash, distributed amongst numbered and “space-offshore” accounts.


Gorgos is contacted by an agent of the Hutt’s legitimate operations. Paklis Nakin offers Gorgos an small asteroid (~K16) supporting a barely profitable mining operation. Gorgos might be interested due to the asteroid’s proximity to Coruscant (about a 15 minute hyperspace jump) and it’s usefulness as a staging area for Sith forces. Paklis asks Gorgos to join him on the planet of Qwenn to discuss the sale. Kwenn (R13) is a 6-day journey from Maridum.

Upon arriving, Gorgos and Keta are shown into a small office where Paklis and two bodyguards wait. Paklis wants 6,000 credits for the asteroid, and Gorgos attempts (unsuccessfully) to talk the price down. While this is happening, a Rodian assassin and two bounty hunters blast their way through the office side door and immediately attack.

The battle is short but vicious with all three attackers killed and no casualties on Gorgos’ or Paklis’ sides. Gorgos immediately accuses Paklis of attempting to kill his party and use the accusation (along with the now obvious martial skill of Gorgos’ bodyguard, Keta) to gain a 50% discount on the price of the asteroid.

After the deal is complete, Gorgos demands that Paklis investigate the assassination attempt and send him a full report of his findings. On the way to inspect the asteroid, Gorgos follows up via com and farseeing and finds Paklis attempting to comply with Gorgos’ demands.

The mining operation is a “duct tape and chewing gum” enterprise, and Gorgos swiftly pulls the least profitable team off the mining and orders them to begin excavating a large underground cavern (to be used as a large fleet hangar).

On the return trip to Maridum, Paklis contacts Gorgos with his report: the two bounty hunters were hired by the Rodian in a bar. The Rodian leaves no trail, however, the Hutt’s had no part in her mission.

Through various means, Gorgos discovers that the Jedi are moving a holocron to a museum for demonstration, and immediately begins planning to steal it. Arriving at the museum on [PLANET?] and begin bribing the museum employees for information or a chance to meet the Jedi prior to the display and demonstration. The Jedi refuse to meet early, however, Gorgos find out that the Jedi Knight Jemi Makus will be docking in bay 13b 1 hour prior to the scheduled demonstration.

Gorgos and Keta ambush the Jedi by bribing the security team to disable the security cameras, and they meet Jemi, her padawan and a second Jedi Knight as they disembark. Gorgos force chokes Jemi to death while Keta cleaves the knight in twain. The padawan flees back to the ship where he is murderized by Keta. Meanwhile, Gorgos dispatches the pilot with force lightning which inadvertently activates the ship’s communication equipment, and Gorgos hears a distress call from the R.S. Analyst. Gorgos knows that the Analyst is a Jedi craft tasked with locating and recovering Sith artifacts.

Keta loads the numerous bodies and body parts into the Jedi ship and Gorgos flies it into an intersection a few minutes outside the spaceport. There, the ship is slagged with a thermal detonator before Gorgos and Keta are picked up by Joel.

Gorgos orders that Joel make immediately for the Analyst, a 6-hour journey away.


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